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Information from 4th Graders

Nights of the Puffings by: Bruce McMillan

Jovan said, "The babies are fluffy. The parents bring them small fishes from the ocean until they are able to fly and get their own food. This lasts about 3 to 4 weeks."

Laseanissy said, "Puffins make a horrible chainsaw like noise when they are hungry or growl."

Marquis said, "They live in cold places."

Keishon said, "There are three different kinds of puffins."

Isaiha said, "Puffins can be found at some zoos. But their building has to be cold. They eat fish, so their building stinks!"

Fernando said, "It's a night when people get out and look for pufflings who were distracted by the city lights. The people help them get back to the sea."

Chloe said, "The baby pufflings get lost because of the city lights reflecting on the water. The kids gather them up and toss the pufflings in the air near the ocean, so they can take off flying."

Ashton said, "The people put the pufflings in cardboard boxes and gather as many pufflings as they can, and then go to the beach to let them all go at once."

Damien said that, "The story takes place in Iceland."

Gavin said, "Puffins live most of their lives on the water. They only come to land to lay their eggs in nests that they make."

Alexandra said, "After the pufflings are tossed into the air they always land safely in the water."

Da'Nayjia said, "When the baby pufflings hatch the other puffins tap their beaks together to celebrate the birth of a new puffling."